About Online Telemedicine

Although telemedicine has been around for many years, it is still considered to be a novelty by most. Patients and doctors who use telemedicine laud its convenience, yet adoption rates still remain amazingly low. A driving factor behind telemedicine’s hindered growth is that many patients are unfamiliar with what exactly telemedicine is and how it can be used by them to visit their doctors online.

This blog is intended to highlight how telemedicine is currently being used by patients and doctors to make quality healthcare more accessible and convenient. The contributors to this blog consist of doctors, patients, and administrators who have extensive experience in online telemedicine. They have firsthand knowledge of the power of this technology and are familiar with the non-medical issues of telemedicine such as insurance coverage, state medical board requirements, and privacy issues as well.

There are several types of telemedicine; however, this blog will focus primarily on store & forward telemedicine. Store & forward telemedicine is the transfer of medical information in the form of documents, photos, videos, and/or audio files between two different locations.