Cost & Insurance


Step 1:
Patient pays provider’s fee


Step 2:
Provider checks insurance coverage


Step 3:
If covered by insurance,
provider refunds patient

How does the provider’s fee relate to my insurance plan?

The provider sets the provider’s fee for the online visit. The provider’s fee and insurance participation are listed on the provider’s profile page.

Your health insurance can be used to cover the online visit in the following situations:

  • Your provider accepts insurance for online visits.
  • Your insurance plan covers this form of telemedicine.
  • Your copay, coinsurance, and deductible are less than the provider’s fee

If all three criteria are met, the provider’s fee will be used to cover your copay and deductible.
*Your provider will refund you the provider’s fee less your copay and deductible.

If all three criteria are not met, the provider’s fee is your sole payment.

Currently, most Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare plans cover this service. Medicare covers this service in Hawaii and Alaska. Other insurance companies appear poised to cover this service so check with your carrier.