HealthLens History

In 2010, we launched a telemedicine platform with the vision that expert dermatological care could be offered to patients online. With a simple website and a handful of trusted dermatologists, we introduced hundreds of patients to the budding concept of telemedicine. Patients who were willing to give telemedicine a try soon became avid supporters of the website. They had their friends and family forgo the inconvenience of a traditional office visit for the convenience of online care. As telemedicine became more common, other specialists and primary care physicians began inquiring about how to implement telemedicine into their practices.

So we went to work and developed a multi-specialty telemedicine platform that enables all providers to evaluate their patients online in a manner that is covered by insurance. We added a native, HIPAA compliant messaging app so patients and providers could communicate securely. We instituted a payment process that makes collecting payments and issuing refunds effortless for office staff. Finally, we partnered with the leading e-prescription network so our providers can quickly and reliably send prescriptions to any pharmacy the patient wishes.

After several years of tests and improvements, we launched our 2nd generation service –, a multi-specialty telemedicine platform that has been trusted by thousands of satisfied providers, staff, and patients.

Dr. Christopher Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt has been treating patients in his private dermatology practice for the last 25 years. Additionally, he is on the clinical faculty at Stanford University and teaches dermatology residents at the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center. Dr. Schmidt is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Chris Schmidt: HealthLens Co-founder

Michael Pope

Mr. Pope has over 30 years of executive level technical and marketing management experience in both start-up and established companies. Prior to HealthLens, Mike held executive positions at Intel Corporation, Daisy Systems Corporation and was a senior partner at Olliance Consulting Group - a leading edge open source strategy and business consulting firm.

Michael Pope: HealthLens Co-founder