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Telemedicine Billing During COVID

CMS recently added the home visit codes 99343 & 99349 to their “List of Telehealth Services.” This is great news for medical providers because reimbursement for home visit codes is typically 60 - 70% higher than office visit codes 99201 – 99215.

Generally, United Healthcare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Cigna, and Aetna recognize the GQ modifier. Medicare requires a 95 modifier, which necessitates an additional video call with the patient.

Recognition of these codes may vary by payer and region.

Home Visit Codes

  • New Patient: 99343
  • Established Patient: 99349
  • Place of Service (POS): 12 - Home

Office Visit Codes

  • New Patient: 99203
  • Established Patient: 99213
  • Place of Service (POS): 11 - Office

Telephone Call Codes

  • Established Patient: 99442
  • Place of Service (POS): 11 - Office


  • GQ – Store-and-forward (asynchronous)
  • 95 – Live interactive (synchronous)

Please see the links below for more information about the home visit codes:

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