store-and-forward telemedicine

Benefits of store-and-forward telemedicine

Improved clinical experience
You get the full picture of the patient’s health, literally. Along with uploading photos of their complaint, patients complete a comprehensive intake that documents medical history, previous tried/failed, symptoms, and treatment goals.
Increased patient capacity
Store-and-forward telemedicine dramatically increases your patient capacity because there is no scheduling required. Patients can submit a visit any time - day or night. You are notified and can respond at your convenience; whether it’s between office visits, afterhours, or during the weekend. HealthLens visits take about 5 minutes to complete, which is less than a quarter of the time needed for live-video.
Reduced overhead costs
HealthLens’ automated patient intake significantly reduces the administrative costs involved in coordinating and billing for a telehealth visit.
Fewer technology barriers
Unlike video, store-and-forward telemedicine does not require a high-speed internet connection. This enables more patients to use the service and allows you to provide care when you are away from the office.

How HealthLens’ store-and-forward platform works

Get photos, medical history and patient insurance ahead of time

Step 1 - New Visit Notification

Patients click the “Start Online Visit” button on your website. They complete the HealthLens visit intake form which obtains condition photos, medical history, insurance, and payment. You are notified and can review the visit at your convenience.

step 2 for online diagnosis

Step 2 - Diagnosis & Treatment

Select a diagnosis and then use the patient instruction templates and integrated e-Rx tool to create a treatment plan with just a few clicks. If you have follow-up questions or want to schedule a video call, you can securely message the patient through HealthLens.

step 3 for online diagnosis

Step 3 - Payment & Insurance

After you complete the visit, your billing team immediately receives a visit report with a copy of the patient’s insurance card so they can bill the patient’s plan. You never have to chase down copays or coinsurance because payment for the patient’s responsibility is obtained when the visit is submitted.

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