Visit a Doctor Online

Providers associated with Oscar Hevia, MD are no longer providing telehealth visits.

Please contact Oscar Hevia, MD’s office directly to ask about using HealthLens.

Click on the “Create Account” button if you would like to do a virtual consultation with a different HealthLens provider.

Have your condition evaluated in three easy steps.

1. Sign Up

Fill out a brief questionnaire regarding your medical history then select a provider and pharmacy.

2. Submit a “Virtual Visit”

Answer a few questions and upload 1–3 sharply focused photos of your condition. Photos should show the location and the features of the condition. See examples here.

Photos can be uploaded directly from your smartphone or transferred to your computer and uploaded from there.

3. Receive Treatment

Once a “virtual visit” is submitted, your provider will respond within 48 business hours with a diagnosis and treatment plan. If your treatment plan includes a prescription, it will be automatically sent to your pharmacy.

If, for any reason, you cannot take that prescription, simply notify your provider by using the built–in messenger.

If your treatment plan requires an office visit for further tests or a procedure, your provider will instruct you to make an office appointment and you will receive priority scheduling.