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HealthLens is HIPAA compliant and provides a more secure way to communicate with your Doctor than email or text messaging.

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Select your own doctor, not some faraway practitioner that you never see in person.

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Major insurance carriers such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Cigna typically cover this service.

What Doctors and Patients Are Saying

I recently moved to a new city where I don’t have a doctor. I broke out in a bad case of poison oak and HealthLens was a quick and easy solution to get the prescription I needed.

– Omri Rahmil, Washington D.C.

As a consultant, I am always on the road. Last month, my prescription ran out. I contacted my doctor using HealthLens and he sent a refill to the pharmacy next to my hotel.

– Hendee Wall, San Francisco, CA

HealthLens is a great way to quickly evaluate a patient with a time sensitive condition like herpes zoster. You can get them on antivirals inside that critical 48-hour window.

– Christopher Schmidt, M.D.

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