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  • Can HealthLens assist me with any diagnostic or therapeutic decisions?

    The vast majority of dermatologic diagnoses that can be made via the internet have been preloaded in the HealthLens database and grouped into diagnostic categories. When you are ready to make a diagnosis just select a category and you will get a complete differential diagnosis list to pick from.

    Once you make a diagnosis you will get a list of recommended medications for that condition. Since the prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy via a secure electronic method, you will enter the medication information you want to prescribe.

  • Once I have made a diagnosis, do I have to select from the list of suggested medications?

    No. They are just suggestions. You enter the medication details such as strength, dosage, amount, and refills. HealthLens also allows you to edit and submit additional information regarding patient instructions, warnings, or any additional notes to patient.

  • Can I change the standard diagnosis and recommended treatment comments to more closely match my preferences?

    Yes. You are shown a diagnosis evaluation summary before submitting the diagnosis. There you can edit and add any personal information to the patient instructions, rx warnings, additional comments to patient as well as inputting notes for yourself and staff for that particular visit.

  • How can I request additional clinical information from the patient?

    You can request additional information via the HealthLens secure messaging system. The patient has the ability to add additional information to their original visit information, including new photos and comments.

  • What if I cannot comfortably diagnose or treat the patient over the internet?

    There are two ways to notify the patient. One is to close the visit and send a message to patient on the reason why the visit is closed. The second method is to contact the patient directly since you have their contact information in the visit details. You would then close the visit without sending any message to the patient.

  • How can I be sure that a patient diagnosed with a serious condition such as melanoma understands the nature of their condition and takes the appropriate measures?

    For any life threatening condition we recommend that you contact the patient directly and confirm their understanding of the diagnosis and treatment. There is an area in each patient’s file where you can document any additional communication you have had with the patient. Finally, you should close the visit via the “Move to Completed Visits” button in the visit details.