General Help

  • Are patients comfortable using telemedicine?

    Our own results have shown high patient satisfaction scores for telemedicine. Many patients who use HealthLens use it frequently. The notable convenience was frequently cited.

  • How diagnostic are patient supplied photos?

    Patients consistently demonstrate they are able to provide adequate clinical photos using a smartphone&rSquo;s camera or digital camera. When this has been studied, more than 70% of photos are diagnostic.

  • Can patients use a smartphone to access this service?

    Yes, HealthLens is optimized for mobile users. Modern smartphone cameras are adequate for taking diagnostic photos.

  • Will I be listed on your provider listing just by signing up?

    Yes. You will be publicized to all users who come to the HealthLens website.

  • How much does this service cost me?

    There is no cost to join. There is a $10 service fee for each online visit for which the patient is charged. No Charge visits do not incur a service fee.

  • How can I opt out of your program once I have signed up?

    Just email us and we will remove your information from the HealthLens website.

  • How can I merge the HealthLens patient files with my office files?

    For paper charts, you or approved staff can print individual visit details and add them to your paper charts. For EHR/EMR, you or approved staff can export visits as a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet and file them electronically in your office record management system.

  • How will using this service affect the income I generate in my office?

    By managing some of your non-surgical patients on the internet and using the HealthLens to screen for patients requiring surgery, you can change your office patient mix to a more procedure oriented group. This can significantly increase your office income.

  • Do state licensing laws limit who I can evaluate over the internet?

    Yes. You typically are limited to evaluating patients in the states you are licensed in.