Insurance Help

  • Can I bill insurance for this service?

    Yes. Your patient will be asked to submit a photo of the front of their insurance card that you can use to bill their plan. Typically, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Humana, and United Healthcare cover telemedicine. Medicare covers this form of telemedicine. Other plans have changing policies.

    You select the proper CPT code for insurance billing when you submit a diagnosis. You should be reimbursed at the same negotiated rate as an office visit.

  • Is this covered by my malpractice insurance?

    Many malpractice carriers cover telemedicine. Check with your carrier to be sure. If they do not, we can recommend a malpractice insurance carrier that does. Feel free to email us.

  • Will using HealthLens increase my risk of malpractice litigation?

    HealthLens protects your most vulnerable areas for malpractice litigation:

    • The notes of your patient encounter are photographic and there is a complete record of all instructions you have provided the patient.
    • A record of all activity between the patient and yourself is logged in the system and permanently accessible by you in the visit details.
    • You are given email reminders for every action you must take until those actions are completed.
    • Most importantly, the risks of phone triage are eliminated.