FAQs: Diagnosis

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  • What if I get a diagnosis of skin cancer?

    Your diagnosis will include recommendations and next steps. In the case of potential skin cancer, your provider will contact you directly to schedule an in-office visit.

  • What if I cannot take the medication my provider prescribes?

    You should immediately inform your provider using the HealthLens messenger and your provider will respond with an alternative treatment plan.

  • What if my skin condition does not improve with my provider’s recommended treatment plan?

    If your condition does not improve, you should contact your provider’s office directly or submit a follow-up visit on HealthLens.

  • What if my treatment plan requires an office visit?

    If your diagnosis or treatment plan requires an office visit your provider will provide you with instructions for scheduling an office appointment. Most providers give priority scheduling to patients who have been evaluated and diagnosed on HealthLens.